SILVER OXIDE SR319 (per 10piece Box)

SILVER OXIDE SR319 (per 10piece Box)

  • £4.90
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  • Top Brands : RENATA RAYOVAC - to ensure continuous and fresh supply at our GREAT PRICES we will supply either of these 2 brands


SILVER OXIDE WATCH BATTERIES : Silver Oxide watch Batteries.


  • Top Quality Silver Oxide watch Batteries : THIS IS THE BEST QUALITY
  • Top Brands : Renata Seiko
  • 10 individually carded per box
  • Same Batteries as fitted by jewellers
  • High turn-over means we always supply fresh stock
  • Once fitted these batteries should last at least 12 months and depending on the watch upto 4 years!!

 This price for all the batteries in the selection below (Some are slightly dearer at £0.40p or £0.50p(as noted in the selection below) -STILL FANTASTIC VALUE-the correct price will be charged when we raise your invoice)

This is an UNBELIEVABLE PROFIT LINE  the batteries work out to ONLY £0.40p £0.50p OR £0.60p each and most jewellers charge at least £4.50 to supply and fit them (some even charge £10!!)

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